Intern’s Report (インターンレポート) Farewell Party in Kani Douraku Kyoto Honten Restaurant

(Kyoto, December 12, 2019)

Hello guys!

How are you guys? It is me Calista again!

Today, is my farewell day! T_T

Thank you very much for Auga Sensei for giving me this kind of fancy experience to be able to enjoy Crab Food! >_______< It was so so delicious! I really enjoyed the food!

Crab Menu
Enjoying Crab with Samurai Kembu Team (1)
Enjoying Crab with Samurai Kembu Team (2)
Me with the Mr. Crab!

I would like to say my gratitude for Auga Sensei who let me join studying about Kembu, and have experience performing Kembu. It was a great experience to me. As a Indonesian Representative, it is an honor for my self to be able to receive this kind of valuable knowledge about Japanese Traditional Culture! Thank you very much Auga Sensei! >___<

I also would like to say my gratitude for all Sensei, Eiki Sensei, Hisyo Sensei, Kyoka Sensei, Tomoda Sensei, Ryuu Sensei, Taro Sensei and Shiokawa san, for supporting me during my internship program for 2,5 months!

I will share my great experience about Kembu when I move back to Indonesia!

Once again, arigatou gozaimashita!!! >_________<
Mata aimashou!

See you next time guys!!!!! ^^