Intern’s Report (インターンレポート) Company Outing with Samurai Kembu Theater’s Team

(Kyoto, December 11, 2019)

Hi all!

How are you? It is me again, Calista^^

Today, I with Samurai Kembu Theater members had company outing. We went to visit Kyomachiya (Japanese style old house).

After visiting Kyomachiya, we rode bus to go to Waku Japan to enjoy tea ceremony held by Waku Japan.

Before we tried drinking Japanese Tea, Waku Japan’s staffs served us manju (Japanese sweets)

Waku Japan staffs served us "manju" (Japanese Sweets)
Waku Japan staffs served us "manju" (Japanese Sweets)
Eiki Sensei and another person tried doing Japanese Tea Ceremony
under Waku Japan's instruction (1)
Eiki Sensei and another person tried doing Japanese Tea Ceremony
under Waku Japan's instruction (2)
Waku Japan staffs served Japanese Tea (1)
Waku Japan's staffs served Japanese Tea

The Waku Japan’s staff kindly explained about Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Waku Japan's staff informed me how to bow before taking the tea
I have to stir the tea glass before drinking
Drinking the tea

I was so happy to be able to experience this traditional Japanese tea. After enjoyed tea ceremony, we went to Matsuba Sushi in Osaka Prefecture.

Matsuba Sushi is a sushi restaurant that offers halal sushi. I recommend you to have a visit. The ingredients are non-alcohol and non-pork. This restaurant already received halal certification, so if you are only able to eat halal foods, this restaurant is good option!

Matsuba Sushi (Halal Sushi)
Very delicious Halal Sushi
Owner of Matsuba Sushi

I was so lucky to be able to taste this halal sushi. It’s tasty and fresh. Don’t worry about the price guys, the price is reasonable. More importantly, when I listened to the owner presentation, he mentioned member name of JKT 48 also tried enjoying their halal sushi! Hahaha (fyi, JKT 48 is a Indonesia girl band name) , wow! Totally Recommended guys!^___^

Auga Sensei talked to the owner’s wife, she introduced me to the owner and other staffs there. I was so shocked when I talk to the owner’s wife and her friend, they could speak Indonesian Language! Wow!

After finished enjoying Halal Sushi in Matsuba Sushi, we went to go around Osaka City by riding Osaka Wonder Loop Bus.

Osaka Wonder Loop Bus Ticket

By riding Osaka Wonder Loop Bus, we went around to Osaka Castle, Shinsaibashi, Namba, and last destionation we stopped in Abeno Q’s Mall. Then, we took a look for some products coming from Shiga Prefecture. After that, we went back home.

That’s all about my activity story today. It was so fun!

See you next time! ^^