Intern’s Report (インターンレポート)2nd Day Meeting In Koko Plaza Osaka & Duel 1 on 1

(Osaka, November 22, 2019)

Hi guys! ^^

How are you? It is me again, Calista!

I want to tell you about my activity today.

Today’s activity is still in Osaka, 2nd meeting exactly!

The meeting today is different room, but still in the same building. While attending the meeting, I could not understand the meeting contents to be honest, so I did another tasks while listening the meeting, such as searching Indonesian Travel agents, making activing reports, etc (already received permission from Auga Sensei).

Preparing for the meeting

After meeting finished, we played duel 1 on 1. It was so fun guys!

I also joined playing duel. Unfortunately, I could not upload the video here, my memory card was full at that time T,T”

This duel was so fun, but unfortunately there’s accident happened with one of our member, so we had to stop the duel activity. Get well soon Sensei >,<

That’s all about my activity today! Keep reading guys!

See you next time! ^^