Intern’s Report (インターンレポート)My First Kembu’s Performance, 47 Ronins

(Osaka, November 3, 2019)

Hello all!

How are you? It is me Calista again ^^

Today is my first performance!!! OMG!
After weeks learning, finaly this day come! To be honest, I felt so nervous!

I will perform Kembu, titled 47 Ronins! Btw, do you know 47 Ronins?
47 Ronins is a well-known sad history among Japanese people.

Ronins means samurai who has no lord. These 47 Ronin’s lord died because of seppuku punishment. Seppuku means suicide. This sad history all begins because their lord, named Lord Asano, assaulted Kira Yoshitaka (Court Official) who has no weapon. Assaulting someone who has no weapon is a crime. At the same day, Tokugawa Tsuneyoshi punished Lord Asano to do seppuku. But, Kira Yoshitaka did not receive punishment at all, which is so unfair. 47 Ronins who does not receive this unfair condition for their lord, sacrifice themselves in order to take revenge in order to show their loyalty to their Lord.

Back to my performance story. This time, my performance as sad as its story T.T. I tried my best, but unfortunately I unaccidentally didn’t tie my tasuki (white rope) correctly. So, it fell down T,T

Auga Sensei and another sensei supported me. I will improve my performance better on next performance.

Me, with Samurai Kembu Theater's students
Me with Auga Sensei

That’s all for my activity today. I promise to myself that I will do better performance next time.

See you next time guys !