Intern’s Report (インターンレポート)My Training in JETRO Osaka

(Osaka, October 30, 2019)

Hello guys.

How are you? It’s me again Calista. ^^

I had training in JETRO Osaka. The training attendances are interns with host companies. I came together with Eiki Sensei.

Before training, we had lunch Okonomiyaki. Eiki Sensei said that Osaka city is famous with delicious Okonomiyaki! We tried having Okonomiyaki lunch.

Delicious Okonomiyaki with Big Portion
Okonomiyaki Lunch with Eiki Sensei

The okonomiyaki was so delicious. But, its portion is too BIG T,T”hahaha. Eiki Sensei told me Japanese word for saying “too much eating till too full” or “kui daore” HAHAHA

I was so worried that we will be sleepy during training session. Thanks to Eiki Sensei that I could attend the training without feeling sleepy. hehehe

Eiki Sensei, me, and another Interns & Host Companies
Kaneko san, Eiki Sensei, and me

The training was so beneficial for Interns and Host companies. It contains ways how to deal with different culture between interns and host companies and also the activities made us know deeper about each other.

That’s all for today’s activity.

See you again next time ^^