Intern’s report(インターンレポート): Enjoy Japanese Traditional Art by Experiencing Samurai Kembu Performance

(Kyoto, 14 October, 2019)


Hi, my name is Calista from Indonesia. I got a chance to take Japan Internship Program held by METI Government of Japan. Currently, I am working as an intern in Samurai Kembu Theater Kyoto, Japan.

Are you interested in Japanese traditional art, especially Samurai or Kembu? or Are you staying in Japan, especially Kyoto? I personally recommend you to come to Samurai Kembu Theater! ^^

It is an honor for myself to be able to experience one of beautiful Japanese traditional art, Samurai Kembu. Samurai Kembu is a Japanese traditional performing art, with the singing of the traditional Japanese poetry as a main theme. The performers express samurai’s culture and mind on the stage by making choreographed movements with a sword and folding fan.

In the beginning, I watched the video of the explanation about history of Samurai. It was very nice for me to know that the history of it as a foreigner.

Pic 1 - Kembu Lesson (1)
Pic 2 - Kembu Lesson (2)

After watching the video, I attended the lesson of Kembu. The instructor of Samurai Kembu is so friendly. He trained and other custoemers how to receive the sword, to bow, draw a samurai sword, and strike with sylized movements.

Here, I also got a chance to choose and try wearing samurai costume. I chose green costume, because I love green anyway. Then, I and other customers continue practicing kembu again with costume.

Pic 3 - Changing costume, yeay! >,<


Pic 4 - Have I already looked like a Samurai?
Pic 5 -Watch out!

If you like taking picture, it is a good chance for you to take picture as much as you like. The staffs will help you to take picture of you guys! Hehehe. BUT, during the Samurai Kembu show, please hold yourself for taking picture.

Not only for learning sword techniques, Samurai Kembu Theater’s instructor, Hisho Sensei also trained us how to use folding fan.

Pic 6 - Me, practicing how to use folding fan with Hisho Sensei
Pic 7 - Learning folding fan technics

Before finishing the lesson, Hisho Sensei trained us how to bow like a Samurai. After finished, me and other customers received a certificate of completion. I was so happy receiving it.

Pic 8 - I am THE SAMURAI


Make sure to choose the program name that suits to your interest. If you are REALLY INTERESTED to experience Samurai Kembu, I highly recommend you to take Full Package Program.