Intern’s Report (インターンレポート)My Training in JETRO Osaka

(Osaka, October 30, 2019)

Hello guys.

How are you? It’s me again Calista. ^^

I had training in JETRO Osaka. The training attendances are interns with host companies. I came together with Eiki Sensei.

Before training, we had lunch Okonomiyaki. Eiki Sensei said that Osaka city is famous with delicious Okonomiyaki! We tried having Okonomiyaki lunch.

Delicious Okonomiyaki with Big Portion
Okonomiyaki Lunch with Eiki Sensei

The okonomiyaki was so delicious. But, its portion is too BIG T,T”hahaha. Eiki Sensei told me Japanese word for saying “too much eating till too full” or “kui daore” HAHAHA

I was so worried that we will be sleepy during training session. Thanks to Eiki Sensei that I could attend the training without feeling sleepy. hehehe

Eiki Sensei, me, and another Interns & Host Companies
Kaneko san, Eiki Sensei, and me

The training was so beneficial for Interns and Host companies. It contains ways how to deal with different culture between interns and host companies and also the activities made us know deeper about each other.

That’s all for today’s activity.

See you again next time ^^

Intern’s Report (インターンレポート)My Activity Day in Yohoji Temple

(Kyoto, October 23, 2019)

Hi, all ^.^
How are you? It’s me again, Calista.

On this day, I helped Samurai Kembu Theater in Yohoji Temple. The location is nearby office, so I could walk to go there. I helped moving the theater equipments to the temple. I didn’t know that Samurai Kembu Theater also has a program to held a Kembu class in this temple.

Hoga Sensei is going to start lesson
Lesson class begins

Fyi, Samurai Kembu Theater also receives special request. Sometimes our customers will have lesson class in Yohoji temple, nearby Samurai Kembu Theater.

To be honest, I like this temple so much. Because the temple building’s structure is beautiful. Here, I could see the Japanese beautiful garden. Hehehe. It’s so artistic. I recommend you guys to book samurai kembu class in Yohoji Temple ^^. It is worth to have practice here.

Take selfie pic with Eiki Sensei
Unknown tree in Yohoji Temple
Yohoji Temple

I am sorry I forget to take picture of the garden. Perhaps, when I come to Yohoji Temple, I will be able to take enough pictures then share it here.

See you again!^^

Intern’s report(インターンレポート): My activity today in Samurai Kembu Theater.

(Kyoto, 17 October 2019)

Hi, All.

It is me again, Calista. I would like to share my activity today in Samurai Kembu Theater.

Today, I after finished cleaning, I learned how to use katana (Japanese sword) with Hisho Sensei. It’s around an hour training. I tried many times. But, my opinion I still cannot do it perfectly. I really need to do practice.

Hisho Sensei showed me how to move the katana correctly
Raise your katana
Swing your katana from up to down right in front your belly
After training with Hisho Sensei finished, I tried recording Samurai Kembu

Lesson given by Tomoda Sensei. Last time, I tried typing directly for Samurai Kembu Lesson given by Hisho Sensei, because I could not catch up the words and type it in the same time. This time, I hope I could understand better.

While recording it, I helped putting on Samurai costumes to the customers. (I think this time is a little bit better, since I finally could put on hakama (traditional pants in Samurai Costumes) and also doobi (belt for keeping your katana) to one customer, though it’s still not too good.

The man wearing black kimono
with blue-white folding fan
is my first complete costume-model YEAY >,<

Then, I and other staffs took break time for an hour. Next activity, Ryuu Sensei trained me kembu performance. Btw, kembu means sword dance. Ryuu Sensei informed me that I will have kembu performance on November 3.

Ryuu Sensei trained me to do basic movements
for Kembu Performance
Trying ** times for basic kembu movements =,="
Still wrong movements =,="

I was so happy today for learning kembu again, but at the same time I also felt so tired. Being a samurai is very difficult. Not like we see on Samurai X anime hahaha.

Thank you very for the training Hisho Sensei and also Ryuu Sensei….Sorry for making you have headache >.<”

See you again for my next activity ^^

Intern’s report(インターンレポート): Try Putting Samurai Costumes on to the Customers for The First Time

(Kyoto, 15 October 2019)

Hi All,

I would like to share my activity during my internship program today. First activity, Auga Sensei gave me task to type the instructions given by Hisho Sensei at Samurai Kembu class. I could not type it completely. (To be honest, I still haven’t gotten it completely since English is not my native language. I think I need to record Hisho Sensei instructions, listen to it while typing it, then confirm it with Hisho Sensei again).

After first task finished, I practiced with Hisho Sensei putting Samurai costumes on to the customer with Shiokawa Sensei support as a model.

The steps of putting Samurai costumes are tenugui, kimono, obi, hakama, then last kakuobi. After practicing again and again, I could understand how to put the tenugui, kimono, and obi on the customer (though, it is still not perfect =,=”). But for hakama and kakuobi, I almost gave up (I need practice alot).

After practicing to put the Samurai costumes to the customer, as it is written on my schedule, I was supposed to learn Samurai Kembu at 3:30 pm, but it was so hectic! I was so shocked because around 20 customers came at the same time.

Eiki Sensei handling around 20 customers
at Samurai Kembu class
Customers with Samurai costumes

During the Samurai Kembu show, I helped tidying the Samurai costumes up. After finished tidying up, I tried making report and blog. But, my working hour was going to end. So, I decided to finish it tomorrow.

See ya!

Intern’s report(インターンレポート): Introducing Myself and Telling My Impression of Samurai Kembu for The First Time

(Kyoto, October 14, 2019)

Hi All,

As a new staff, nobody knows about me in the office, right? So, I took the chance to introduce myself.

Previously, Auga Sensei asked me to make powerpoint material to introduce myself to other Samurai Kembu staffs. I was a bit nervous, because I cannot speak Japanese fluently. I encouraged myself to introduce myself to the others, vice versa.

Eventhough, my Japanese is not fluent, everyone welcomed me here. It made me at ease. >,<.

After introducing ourselves each other, I also gave my impression for Samurai Kembu Theater, especially for Hachimanko session. I tried hachimanko for the first time by myself. Unfortunately, I could not do it very well. It’s very difficult for me, so I think I need to learn it as fast as possible.

My first impression

I think there are so many things that I have to learn.

I wish I could be THE REAL SAMURAI!

Welcome Samura Kembu !

Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^__^

Intern’s report(インターンレポート): Enjoy Japanese Traditional Art by Experiencing Samurai Kembu Performance

(Kyoto, 14 October, 2019)


Hi, my name is Calista from Indonesia. I got a chance to take Japan Internship Program held by METI Government of Japan. Currently, I am working as an intern in Samurai Kembu Theater Kyoto, Japan.

Are you interested in Japanese traditional art, especially Samurai or Kembu? or Are you staying in Japan, especially Kyoto? I personally recommend you to come to Samurai Kembu Theater! ^^

It is an honor for myself to be able to experience one of beautiful Japanese traditional art, Samurai Kembu. Samurai Kembu is a Japanese traditional performing art, with the singing of the traditional Japanese poetry as a main theme. The performers express samurai’s culture and mind on the stage by making choreographed movements with a sword and folding fan.

In the beginning, I watched the video of the explanation about history of Samurai. It was very nice for me to know that the history of it as a foreigner.

Pic 1 - Kembu Lesson (1)
Pic 2 - Kembu Lesson (2)

After watching the video, I attended the lesson of Kembu. The instructor of Samurai Kembu is so friendly. He trained and other custoemers how to receive the sword, to bow, draw a samurai sword, and strike with sylized movements.

Here, I also got a chance to choose and try wearing samurai costume. I chose green costume, because I love green anyway. Then, I and other customers continue practicing kembu again with costume.

Pic 3 - Changing costume, yeay! >,<


Pic 4 - Have I already looked like a Samurai?
Pic 5 -Watch out!

If you like taking picture, it is a good chance for you to take picture as much as you like. The staffs will help you to take picture of you guys! Hehehe. BUT, during the Samurai Kembu show, please hold yourself for taking picture.

Not only for learning sword techniques, Samurai Kembu Theater’s instructor, Hisho Sensei also trained us how to use folding fan.

Pic 6 - Me, practicing how to use folding fan with Hisho Sensei
Pic 7 - Learning folding fan technics

Before finishing the lesson, Hisho Sensei trained us how to bow like a Samurai. After finished, me and other customers received a certificate of completion. I was so happy receiving it.

Pic 8 - I am THE SAMURAI


Make sure to choose the program name that suits to your interest. If you are REALLY INTERESTED to experience Samurai Kembu, I highly recommend you to take Full Package Program.