Intern’s Report (インターンレポート) Last Time Helping Samurai Kembu Theater in Yohoji Temple

(Kyoto, December 3, 2019)

Hi all!

How are you? It’s me again, Calista^^

I would like to share my activity today. Today is my last day to come helping in Yohoji Temple.
As usual I came here for helping Samurai Kembu Theater because customers using this temple for learning Kembu. I helped moving Samurai Kembu Theater’s equipments, putting samurai costumes, tidying up, and also moving the equipments back to the office. Our customers this time are coming from China. When Tomoda sensei gave explanation and training to them, there’s chinese interpreter who will translate Tomoda Sensei explanation.

Tomoda Sensei explained Katana to our customers
Tomoda Sensei, explained about Katana using,
translated into Chinese by the interpreter
for our customers

I always forget taking pictures of this beautiful temple. Now, I have a chance to take some pictures.
Please kindly take a look guys. When you book our Samurai Kembu program, you may also book for this venue. ^^ This is little secrets about this temple’s rooms, here I show you …….

What I love so much for this temple is this beautiful Japanese style garden!!! It is so aesthetic! >,<

Japanese style garden

Finally, I could take pictures of this Yohoji Temple’s garden and could show it to you^^

I highly recommend you to have Kembu Lesson Class in Yohoji Temple! Are you interested to try?

That’s all about my activity today.

See you next time! ^^