Intern’s Activity (インターンレポート) My Second Kembu Performance, 47 Ronins

(Shiga, November 24, 2019)

Hi guys!

How are you? Here’s Calista again!
Today, I would like to share my activity.

I had my second performance, in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. Seriously, I was so worried that my performance today would like my previous performance. >,<

Here’s my story.

I arrived in Wani, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture for my second performance around 10 am. My performance turn started at 1:30 pm. I played 47 Ronins again. I was so worried that it would be like my first performance >,<. Fortunately, it did not happen ^,^. Personally, I could do better this time, I didn’t fall down my tasuki hehehe. I felt so happy that my PIC from Pasona came from Tokyo to Shiga only for watching me!

Thank you for coming, Kaneko san >,<. I was so glad I did not perform badly.

Kaneko san, Me, and Auga Sensei^^

I also met with Mr. Magari, Senior Master. I was so happy to be able to take a picture with him. And I also watched his kembu performance, and wow, that’s Awesome!!!

Me with Magari Sensei (Senior Master of Kembu)

I also watched Ryuu Sensei’s Performance, Samurai Kembu Theater students performances, and Samurai Kembu Theater’s Performance, and another performances from another artists! I felt so lucky and happy to be able to watch this event.

Me with
another Samurai Kembu Theater's students^^

My performance could not be as good as today if I did not receive good training. Personally, I would like to say my gratitude for all of Samurai Kembu Theater’s sensei, Kyoka Sensei, Hisyo Sensei, Ryuu Sensei, especially to Auga Sensei, who supported me and gave me training and advice to be able to perform kembu well. Arigatou Gozaimashita >___<

After this event finished, we had Gathering with all performancers today! I did not know about this kind of gathering. And you know what, most of the participants are Kembu Master!!! WOW

Gathering with all performancers. Otsukare sama deshita!

That’s all about my activity story today.
Today was so tiring, but so fun!
Otsukaresama deshita!

See you next time, guys! ^^