Intern’s Activity (インターンレポート) Meeting in Osaka Youth Center Koko Plaza and Playing Tousenkyo (Japanese Traditional Fan-Tossing Game)

(Osaka, 21 November, 2019)

Hi All! ^^

How are you ? It is me again, Calista.

Today, I with Samurai Kembu Theater’s team attended meeting in Koko Plaza Osaka. This meeting is in Japanese. Today’s meeting talked about Samurai History, Introduction of Katana Using (Katana means Japanese Traditional Sword), and also Legs position when doing Kembu.

Fyi, Samurai Era started from Kamakura Era => Muromachi Era => Sengoku Era => Edo Era.

I could not understand whole contents of this meeting, so I decided to do another tasks while listening the meeting, such as contacting travel agents, making activity reports, etc. (I already received permission from Auga Sensei, obviously).

Koko Plaza Osaka
Auga Sensei's explaining about History of Samurai
In this meeting, Taro Sensei's explaining about
Introduction How to Use Katana (Japanese Traditional Sword)
& Legs Movement's Position while doing Kembu
History of Samurai & Development of Katana's Forms
Explanation about Katana Using
& Movement of Legs Position while doing Kembu

After had lunch, Hisyo Sensei showed Seiza, Iai Hiza, and Tachi Iai demonstration. He also gave us training about Kembu movements to me and others.

Hisyo Sensei showed Seiza, Iai Hiza,
and Tachi Iai Demonstration
Hisyo Sensei showed Seiza, Iai Hiza, 
and Tachi Iai Demonstration
Kembu Practice Together with Hisyo Sensei

After demonstration and Kembu Training given by Hisyo sensei finished, we prepared to go to ANA Crown Plaza for playing Tousenkyo (Japanese Traditional Folding Fan-Tossing Game). It seemed so fun!

Samurai Kembu Theater's team with Tousenkyo's Instructor

For playing Tousenkyo is easy but difficult to be honest. We have to toss the folding fan in order to hit the red abject. After that, we check the results of our tossing in Tousenkyo Scores Paper. In my opinion, more unique the results, we can achieve higher scores^^ hehehe. All members of Samurai Kembu Theater joined this Tousenkyo game!

Fighting, Auga Sensei!
Nice Toss, Ryuu Sensei!
Fighting, Tomoda Sensei!

I also didn’t want to lose with sensei, so I needed to be able to play this Tousenkyo Game!

Preparing to Toss Folding Fan
Folding fan has been tossed. The result is.......
Do you want to know the score and the name of this style?
You may look it in Tousenkyo Score Paper below!
Tousenkyo Score Paper

Tousenkyo instructors gave us chance to practice first. After practice has been finished, they will start Tousenkyo Battle! ^^

The winners of this battle are…..?
1st Winner Eiki Sensei
2nd Winner Taro Sensei
3rd Winner Me ^,^

2nd Winner of Tousenkyo Battle, Taro Sensei!
There he is, our 1st Winner of Tousenkyo Battle!
Congratulations Eiki Sensei! >,<

Do you also want to join playing Tousenkyo like us? Please come to Japan^^
After finished playing Tousenkyo, we had dinner Kushikatsu together. Kushikatsu is a kind of Japanese crispy food .

Kushikatsu, Yummy^^

That’s all about my activity today.

See you again tomorrow! ^^