Intern’s Activity (インターンレポート) My Activity in Yohoji Temple & Shiga Junior College Attached Senior High School

(Kyoto & Shiga, November 6, 2019)

Hello guys! ^^

How are you? It’s me Calista again.

I went helping Samurai Kembu Theater’s team in Yohoji Temple. Hehehe
Same like previously, I went helping other staffs to bring the Lesson Class’s equipments, put on costumes to the customer, and tidy up.

We received many customers today. They were so enthusiast learning kembu.
In our lesson program, all of the customers will receive certificates after finished practicing.

Eiki Sensei trained customers how to do basic kembu
Learning Samurai's walking style
Receiving Certificates

This time, I forgot to take pictures of Yohoji Temple’s Japanese garden again. TT

After finished helping Samurai Kembu Theater’s activity in the temple, Auga Sensei invited me to join her and another sensei to go to Shiga Junior College Attached Senior High School.

They did a Kembu’s Workshop for the students of that school. I think this is good activity for introducing kembu to Japanese young generations in order to make them know better about their own culture.

I came to watch Samurai Kembu’s Performances. It is a good experience too to be able to visit Japanese school.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade of Senior High School Students
attended the workshop.
Ryuu Sensei explained about Kembu to the students
Samurai Kembu Theater's Performances (1)
Samurai Kembu Theater's Performances (2)
Ryuu sensei, representative of Samurai Kembu Theater
received a bouquet of flower

As always, Samurai Kembu Theater’s masters always perform great Kembu Performances. Eventhough, I am not Japanese, I felt proud watching this perfomance.

That’s all about my today’s activity today.

See you again next time for my next activity! ^^